Winter Carpet Championship 2015/16


Up to 13.5 Boosted Brushless
2s 7.4V LiPo or 6 cell NiMH
Any slick tyre

• 1/12th

1s 3.7V LiPo
10.5 brushless with “Blinky” speedos as per BRCA
3.5mm minimum ride height

• GT12

1s 3.7V LiPo
13.5 brushless with “Blinky” speedos
4mm minimum ride height
All bodies must be a realistic GT type (max width 165mm)

• Tamiya Minis

The Mini class is now split into two classes

Formula 1:

Any commercially available sealed can motor with no less than 20 winds (These must be Mabuchi style, sealed motors with enclosed endbells that do not permit changes to brushes, springs or timing)


Only the following brushless combo is permitted:

HobbyWing EZRun Series 13T/3650-M Combo

Only the Combo-B1 is permitted which consists of the EZRUN-35A speedo and the13T@3000KV EZRUN-3650M motor. No other brushless speedos or motors are permitted at this time. Speed controller software must not be altered in any way. Altering the standard parameters using the supplied programmer device on it’s own is allowed.

Formula 2:

Tamiya silver can motors only
Silver can motors from other manufacturers such as Mardave are not permitted
Motors must not be tampered with in any way such as altering the timing

Other F1 and F2 Rules:
Geared or ball diffs permitted
Any Mini tyre on a 42mm rim (no double inserts or foam tyres)
Any 2 wheel drive Tamiya mini (M03, M05, M06 including Pro versions)
Maximum size pinion: 20T
Speed tuned/fast gearsets are not permitted
Chassis modifications to the battery hole are not permitted

Why not try Mini racing at WKRCC?

Mini racing is a low cost class that creates close racing due to controlled speeds and near identical cars. Come down to a race meeting to watch these cars racing or why not take to the track yourself. We have a club Tamiya Mini ready for you to try out for free. Please contact the club to check it’s availability.

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