General Rules


School gates open at 08.00 but might close again at 09.00 for security reasons. You may need to drive up to them for them to open.

If you have a problem with gaining entry ring the club phone on 07790 625278. Do not ring home phone numbers.

You can drive down into the main playground to load and unload but cars must be parked back up towards the entrance beyond the fold-down barrier.

Please note that the entire school site is no-smoking.

The Venue

The school allows only trainers to be worn in the hall itself because of the surface. This means that anyone (drivers, pit crew or visitors that you bring) wearing outdoor shoes will have to remove them and leave them in the entrance hall. Trainers with rollers in the heels are specifically forbidden. Please take your rubbish home or put it in the bin provided.

Some pitting is available in the hall itself and there is plenty of space in the entrance halls at both ends plus the two changing rooms. There are limited mains sockets so it is advisable to bring a 12 volt battery. If you bring a mains lead it is up to you to bring tape to fix it to the wall/floor to prevent it being a trip hazard. This tape must be removed and put in the rubbish bin after use. If you bring a car battery it must be in a plastic container that will retain fluid in case of a leak. Soldering and motor skimming cannot be carried out in the hall itself – use the entrance halls or changing rooms.

Race Fees & Payment

Senior WKRCC members: £4 per meeting
Junior WKRCC members (under 17): £3 per meeting
Non-members: £7 per meeting

The whole championship can be paid for in advance by WKRCC members:
For members over 17 the discounted cost is £36
For members under 17 the discounted cost is £27

If there is room and you wish to race in a second class the cost is £2 per meeting

Booking in on Race Days

All drivers will be required to show their BRCA card within the first 3 meetings and again in January following the BRCA renewals.


The Race Director will announce when the track is open. It will remain open until a short time before racing starts at 09.30. You must have a frequency peg before you practice unless you are using 2.4 GHz. Please remember that other drivers will also want to practice so return the peg as soon as you have finished a run. Practice sessions will be organised by class and announced by Race Control. You may only practice when standing on the rostrum as this will limit the number of drivers out at any one time.


Racing will consist of 3 rounds of heats and 1 leg of finals. We use “RC-Timing” to time our meetings with staggered starts for the heats and grid starts for the finals. Races are all 5 minutes in duration. The championship will be decided by using your best 7 meeting scores.

A gauge and scales are available at race control for you to check your car ride height and weight before practice. Height and weight measurements made using drivers own equipment will not be accepted as valid. A second ride height/weight infringement will result in loss of FTD, points or ultimately disqualification.

When coming out to race warm up laps are permitted up until the 30 second warning only. Cars continuing past the start line after 30 seconds will be penalised. During racing please allow faster drivers through when being lapped to make breakages less common and racing more enjoyable for everyone. Poor driving will be penalised by removal of FTD, loss of laps or disqualification.

Wait on the rostrum until all cars have finished racing. When your heat is over please put your car and transmitter on the scrutineers table, hand back your transponder (if you are using a handout) and go out to marshal straight away as there is only a very short gap between races.

You may use a personal transponder.

All cars must carry at least one number sticker which will be on the front windscreen. If your car has reverse it must also carry an orange “R” sticker available from Race Control.

Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated towards other drivers, marshals or Race Control.


Drivers should not go back to the pits between racing and marshalling. Marshals must wear the yellow tabards provided so that we can see at a glance that they are in position. You must be in position before the start tones to avoid being penalised. Late marshalling on the first occasion will result in loss of FTD. Second occurrence will result in loss of the days points. If you fail to marshal then we will adopt BRCA policy and assume that you have withdrawn from the event, and we will remove your name from the drivers list. If you break your car you are still expected to carry out your marshalling duties in subsequent races. If you are racing in a second class and this will cause you to miss your turn at marshalling, it is up to you to find a replacement marshal and inform Race Control of his/her name.

When marshalling you should:-

• Watch only your area and not the progress of the race
• Concentrate on marshalling and not holding a conversation with another marshal
• Not be using a mobile phone
• Go straight out to marshal after your race
• Have only one marshal per marshal point


If you are using Lipo batteries you must:-

Use a type that is enclosed in a hard case
Use them with a suitable cut-off device and charger
Charge them in either a LiPo sack or other suitable container


Additive is permitted providing:-

• It is totally odourless
• It is in a SPILLPROOF container fitted with an applicator

For guidance on this speak to Tim Fry on the WKRCC committee.

Products containing Wintergreen are specifically prohibited.

Wiping tyres off on the carpet is not allowed.


Please ensure all sharp corners are rounded off on the body shell and that no screws are protruding from the chassis. Race Control retain the right to remove any sharp edges that they consider unsuitable after a first warning.

All cars must be left on the scrutineering table after racing. Any car can be randomly scrutineered at other times. Cars that fail the ride height test twice will lose their FTD.

Cars considered to be likely to damage the carpet/floor will not be permitted to run until the scrutineer is satisfied that they comply with the rules. The scrutineers decision is final.


The Race Director will award penalties as already described plus he/she will deal with other rule infringements/incidents at his/her discretion.


By booking in you are accepting not only these rules but any terms and conditions applicable at the time. WKRCC do not accept liability for injury, damage or theft suffered by drivers or anyone accompanying them. Please check that you are a BRCA member and that your car and equipment are insured. Please remember that Motorsport can be dangerous.

WKRCC retain the right to ask anyone to leave.

Please remember that when you book in on line or when you attend a meeting, you are accepting the rules of WKRCC.