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Tamiya mini rules

Postby Tim Fry » Tue Feb 10, 2009 12:13 am

M-Chassis Mini Rules
Permitted Chassis
M-03, M-03M and M-03L only (This includes XB Pro models)
(Please note the M-03R spec chassis kit is legal for this class, and is a cost effective way to get a fully hopped up car.) All cars must be built to the standard specifications and without modifications.
Speed Controllers
45029 ESC TEU-101BK
45028 ESC TEU-302BK

Any suitable bodyshell may be used.
Any Tamiya 60D wheel can be used. This included hop up (53xxx,54xxx) and carbon reinforced wheels

50683 - M-Chassis 60D radial tyre
50684 - M Chassis M Grip Radial Tyre
53254 - M Chassis S Grip Radial Tyre
Tyres must not be modified in anyway. This includes belting and rounding of the edges of the tread. Additive may be used. Please see race control before using any additives. Maximum tyre diameter is 62mm.
Only 1 insert per tyre. Inserts cannot be modified in anyway. Only 60D inserts are permitted. No modified touring car inserts allowed.
50686 – 60D Inner Sponge Set
53204 – M-Chassis Inner Sponge
53255 – 60D Inner Sponge (Hard) Set

Motors and batteries
Motors are Tamiya RS540 Sport Tuned (53086) or standard “Silver Can” type. Batteries to be 7.2v Nicad/Nimh or hard cased Lipo. Please make sure you have a suitable charger and Lipo sack/sealed tin when charging Lipo batteries.
This is a fun class please keep it that way
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