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FOR SALE - Tamiya Mini M05 & Upgrades

PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:27 pm
by smudger
Have decided to switch to Mardave, so am selling my Tamiya Mini M05.
Got it about a month ago, and has been run twice on carpet at Maritime Racing.

£100 collected, £110 posted

Please call me on 07590603151

Comes with:
M05 Kit
Tamiya Speed Controller
Reedy Stockstar 27t motor
8 foam tyres on rims - 4 used for 5 minutes on carpet
4 Tamiya S-Grip tyres on rims - one has a flat spot, other 3 are reletively untouched, used roughly 10 minutes on carpet.
2 Tamiya Super Slicks on rims, used for 5 minutes on carpet
2 Tamiya Slicks un-used
4 Tamiya stock kit tyres used for about 15 minutes on carpet
4 Kit Silver Mini rims
2 spare white 5 spoke rims
Ride Super Soft inserts - 2 currently in 2 of the S-Grips
Ride Medium inserts - unopened
Ride hard inserts - 2 currently in the Super Slicks
2 grey 60D foam inserts
4 blue foam inserts
2 Sets of Yeah Racing aluminium oil shocks, 50mm, with 2 sets of soft, medium and hard tuning springs.
Carbon Fibre steering rack
Tamiya TA03 Ball Differential
Fully Ball Raced
Original Front Diff
Original Plastic Bearings
Spare Gear Set
Original Tamiya Shocks
Original Box, instructions etc.

Pics: ... directlink
They are on my picasaweb gallery, which links to pages not pics.

Points to note:
The shell has taken a bit of a battering at the front, has a couple of cracks, and the paint has fallen off on one front quater panel. Still perfect good to run though.

Unfortunately, when i ran the foam tyres for the first time, the speed controller wires rubbed on them and it wore through a tiny bit of the cable shielding, exposing tiny patches of cable. They could do with a bit of heat shrink on them, but i ran it with electrical tape and have had no issues at all.

Not Included:
The Savox servo shown in the pictures will not be included in the sale.

Re: FOR SALE - Tamiya Mini M05 & Upgrades

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:25 pm
by Simond001
I'll have it.

Can meet either locally (TWells) or at tonbridge Sunday

Call me


email is