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R5 spares BNIP

PostPosted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:53 pm
by walden
Hi All

I'm giving up 12th scale and here's a List of spares for sale:

Edit front wheel flange bearings x 4 BNIP
4448 ball end cups BNIP
8425 king pin shims BNIP
4113 .020 springs BNIP
4114 .018 springs BNIP
4117 .022 springs BNIP
31280 5mm ballstuds short BNIP
48dp spur gear 72t BNIP
48dp spur gear 69t Brand new
4620 R5 lower arm BNIP
1 pair of Diff rings brand new
8454 Red springs BNIP
8449 Copper springs BNIP
4644 blue side springs BNIP
4641 black side springs BNIP
6619 carbide diff balls BNIP
4555 diff thrust cone BNIP
4403 king pins BNIP
4621 upper arms brand new
Graphite servo brace BNIP
1 pair of Fibrelyte wheel spacers
1 set of fibrelyte front height adjusters
1 set of Hot Bodies height adjusters
4623 upper hinge pins BNIP
Chassis brace BNIP

£45.00 inc postage

Payment by paypal please

Cheers Paul