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Postby Brian Mills » Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:52 pm

Can I remind you that everyone's membership will expire on the last day of April and that you will need to renew (or join) if you want to continue paying race fees at members rates. It would help me greatly if you renew BEFORE the first indoor meeting by either joining and paying on-line or downloading the membership form, filling it in and sending it with a cheque to the address on the bottom of the form. There have been no increases to the cost of membership for many years.

Race Fees
Race fees also remain unchanged at:-
Seniors - £4 per meeting
Juniors - £3 per meeting
However there are discounts available if you pay in advance, meaning you get all 11 meetings for the cost of just 9:-
Seniors - £36
Juniors - £27

If you are a member of Eastbourne Electric Car Club then because of a reciprocal agreement you don't have to join West Kent but can race with us for the same cost as racing at your home club:-
Seniors - £5
Juniors - £4
EECC members can also take advantage of the pay in advance discount if they wish:-
Seniors - £45
Juniors - £36

If you wish to take advantage of the discount offer please either include a cheque with your membership form when you send it or pay at the first meeting.

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