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13.5 motor limit

Postby senna3 » Sun Aug 08, 2010 11:51 am

Just a reminder that if you are racing in the touring car championship it is a 13.5 motor limit if you dont have one you wont race its the same for every one I will be checking at the next meeting. Also you should be racing to the club rules not just here but also at any club.
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Re: 13.5 motor limit

Postby Brian Mills » Mon Aug 09, 2010 7:15 pm

The motor limit is as you say 13.5 or 27T. However, as is often the case at clubs, we do rely to a certain extent on honesty from drivers which of course isn't a foolproof method!
I gather from your post that you believe there may be some driver(s) "pushing the envelope" as they say.
My suggestion would be to speak to either Ian or me (or both) on Sunday with a few more details and then possibly we can apply a little pressure!
You are right in that those who intentionally flout the rules should not be eligable for points and should have them removed from previous meetings.
However I don't agree that they will not be allowed to race - only the Race Director and/or committee can pass judgement on that. So as I said speak to us on Sunday.
Thanks Brian
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Brian Mills
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Re: 13.5 motor limit

Postby crazybrit123 » Thu Aug 12, 2010 3:05 pm

Hi Brian,
We need to get this sorted NOW.
Racers need to know that they are competing fairly against other racers.
Drivers that race every week KNOW what they are doing. If you go to another club, for club or championship racing then you check out the rules before you go or if that's unclear then you ask.
For a newbee, then I can totally understand the issue. But we don't seem to be talking about a newbee. It's the one driver who has the "MUST WIN at all cost's attitude".
There is nothing to stop anyone asking for help, advice or maybe even equipment from fellow racers, we are all willing to help.
If you went to a BRCA club and you were found to be breaking the rules you would be disqualified and if it continued you would then be reported to the BRCA.
Drivers and racers NEED rules to work to.
What is the point of having a Motor limit or Control tyre if you have drivers using what they want. The reason for having these was to keep things as fair as we can, try to make it as even a playing field as possible and keep racing close.
You could even say "do we need to in put the cars into race control to be checked"? Of course we do.
YES, there are lots of things racers can do to their cars to make them drive quick and fast, but the rules need to be adhered to at ALL TIMES.
If we don't make a stance now then racers will see things wrong and just say "What's the point in saying something, nothing get's done", and "Oh well if it's OK for him/her then I might as well do it" and mayhem happens.
West Kent is a friendly club and that's what me and lot of other racers like about it. Once again the minority makes us ask questions.
I don't see this as a big problem at West Kent. It just needs clarity.
Cheers Andy
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Re: 13.5 motor limit

Postby Brian Mills » Thu Aug 12, 2010 6:14 pm

Hi Andy,

Yes I agree with all of that!!

I'd suggest that a quiet word in the ear of either Ian, Steve or me would be a good idea at the time if there are concerns at the legality of someones car. That way we can take a quiet look without going over the top to begin with and possibly get a resolution without tempers fraying.

It's possible that at times drivers may not use the correct motor (perhaps their 13.5 died in practice etc) but in those cases I would expect drivers to be honest enough to tell us and perhaps then carry on and race (with say a 10.5) but not take any points from that day. If anyone is using something other than the rules allow on a regular basis then that is not acceptable at all.

I've suggested to Ian that he gets drivers together before racing and explains the position regarding motors. Hopefully someone may "own up", if not I'm sure scrutineering will be tighter this Sunday.

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