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Postby Steveonamission » Sat Aug 28, 2010 2:59 pm

This is the latest touring car from TOP and comes with all of the improvements over the earlier TOP photon, rather than just an old car with the new chassis bolted on. The car is in fantastic condition everything is still new and tight, The carbon edges are finished beautifully and it has only ever been raced on carpet (Around 6 meetings only).

The car comes with the following extra's from the intl kit.
*Tamiya 416 bladders
*Steel front driveshafts
*Steel front drive cups
*1.4mm front roll bar
*Ceramic diff balls
*Associated Diff plates (much flatter)
* All of the ball cups have been replaced with lightweight yokomo cups, With steel inner balls and titanium outer balls and the steering uses hotbodies titanium tie rods with steel hotbodies balls for strength.

The car also comes with a mix of new and barley used parts.

New in packets Bladders, Spur gear and shock pistons.

4x unused spool outdrives,
2x unused diff plates,
1 new front hub,
1 new rear hub.
3x used but still usable driveshaft’s
3 used spur gears,
The kit top deck,
A modified extra hard top deck that works really well on carpet,
1 x medium front wing,

2 used but in great condition belts (front and rear)

And the original Ackermann adjusting parts and roll center inserts.

Loads of screws and other bits n bobs, 10+ new spare bearings

I will also include some of the really cool new TOP red lipo battery mounts that retail for around £38 pounds

There is well over £450 worth of car here to buy new. And the car really is in new condition.


You can contact me at if you are interested for pictures etc.
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