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Touring Cars for Sale: Hot Bodies and Corally

PostPosted: Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:00 am
by THancock
I have the following cars for sale now that I am running the latest TCX version of the Cyclone:

1 off Corally RDX Phi 09 US LiPo spec - brand new in box. Was the prize for winning the STCC TC3 championship this year.


2 off Cyclone TC, brand new lower decks fitted to both and all parts are in excellent condition. Both cars were used equally in the first 6 rounds of the STCC this year.

£150 each.

1 off Cyclone WCE, this is my carpet car so there are no scratches on it and all the parts are in excellent condition. Comes fitted with the pro-diff used on the TC. This car comes setup for West Kent and has won the numerous rounds of the winter championship in the past 2 years.


- Tim.