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Postby BODYMOT » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:47 pm

crazybrit123 wrote:Cheers for that Ben.
I'm looking at getting it sorted for the Summer series. I might well be calling on your expertise as a Mini guru.
Can you tell me again what tires to use? I forgot. Oh and the best place to gets parts and upgrades in the UK and overseas.
Watch out, the Crashman is moving into Mini racing.
Cheers again, Andy.

Hi Andy, Tyres we use most now on carpet tracks, Sidcup, Maritime and also found they work really well at West Kent are sweeps 25.
I get most my tyres and parts from Pit Bitz
If you look on Sidcup’s web site under Tam minis & Mardaves Tuning tips,
Their is a list of shops in UK,
I think you will have a laugh racing Tam minis, that is one of the main reasons we race them, its fun.
Welcome to T.M.F.F.R. ;)
Ben :D
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