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Help at Edenbridge 10-12 Sat 9/7/11

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 8:10 pm
by coolchris202003
Dear all.
I am about to shoot a video for an advertisement. The video will concern RC cars and in order to make the video footage is going to be shot of 8 Tamiya Rover Mini Coopers taking part in various events in a 30 ft by 20ft arena hosted by Easistore at Edenbridge.Closed off from public. I am looking for a few extra pairs of hands. In actual fact, the more the merrier really. i have a dedicated video production team on site but for those taking part, including me it will be a case of taking hold of one of these specially designed cars and putting them through there paces for a couple of hours. No people will be filmed, solely the cars as that is the subject matter. This is an RC project and so input from the RC community would be great.

This may well be a good insight to RC activities to anyone new or something different to those experienced. All the kit is provided along with, tea, coffee, soft drink and a biscuit. Ultimately its a bit of fun. A one off event, doubtedly done here ever again. Assistance would be grand, bring a friend, bring your dad, brother, Grandad. All we need is pairs of hands and a sense of humor.

I have almost a full team of people thus far but a few more will be great. Edenbridge, Easistore - even staff there will be getting involved. 2-3 hours, obviously stay as long as you want.

If I dont answer please leave a message, I don't bite.

07792 450 429
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