Looking to join your club - some questions

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Looking to join your club - some questions

Postby JonVic » Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:01 pm

Hello everyone,

I have been taking a look at your club and would be very interested in joining. I have two questions really:

1. I have a Tamiya F103 Formula 1 car that I run in the national Super Production Cup series on rubber tyres with a Saturn 20T motor. I would very much like to find a local club such as this that runs F1's. Is there a class for these cars?

2. I am also interested in running in the mini class. I would probably start with your F2 class and run a standard motor with a view to going brushless in the F1 class at a later date. What is considered the 'best' mini chassis? I know this may not be an easy question to answer but what runs well at the club? I have been looking at the Tamiya M06 which looks good....

Hope someone can answer my questions - cheers.
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Re: Looking to join your club - some questions

Postby Tim Fry » Sun Oct 23, 2011 6:24 pm

Hi and welcome

Sadly we dont have a class for F1.

As for a mini most of the guys are using M05s but some still use a trusty M03. I dont think anyone is running an M06 thats not to say it wont work but I dont think anyone has taken the plunge yet.

The F2 class is aimed at beginners however we have drivers beating some of the F1 driver times so its all about consistency.

Best thing to do is get down to the club and take a look.

You can also find vids if you search crazybrit123 on youtube.
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Re: Looking to join your club - some questions

Postby James Brooker » Sun Oct 23, 2011 7:19 pm

Most importantly we do have a club car which is an F2 Mini so your more than welcome to rock up and give that a test drive.
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