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Round 7

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 2:06 pm
by Bosscat
Unusually no comments on yesterdays meeting, well someone has to be first so here we go.
Wow where did all the drivers come from? never seen it so busy!
Ian and Brian you did a fantastic job under what i am guessing could be described as "under trying circumstances"
The track as ever was brill Thanks Grant and team it flowed really well.
I guess we learnt that in 12th scale 11 cars starting at 1 sec intervals with the leaders doing sub 12 second laps just is never going to work and hope fully we wont do that again please, fortunatley sense prevailed and we had an A & B finals.
Time is always the enemy, I had a good morning's racing for which as ever Thanks guys.


Re: Round 7

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 3:10 pm
by Luke Burley
Many thanks to the team for a great meeting. I would echo Keith's comments, the track was fun to drive, but due to the high speed chicanes very hard to pass on. This combined with high closing speeds made the very busy heat almost impossible to avoid crashing in.

Once the heats were split for the finals the track and racing was a real pleasure. The heats certainly left me needing a thicker shell and bigger bumper (like most others I would guess!).

As always I'm looking forward tothe next meeting.


Re: Round 7

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 4:58 pm
by Brian Mills
Yes, Keith is right, time is the enemy.

There were one or two issues yesterday which forced a late start, which wouldn't have been a problem if we hadn't been so busy.
That meant that the two heats of 1/12th had to be combined to make one.
Sorry to those that weren't too pleased with it but time had to be saved.
A number of people complained about this being done, without them knowing the background or dare I say it, without them caring what the background was.

I would make two observations however and they are:-

1.If you are concerned about there being sufficient time for the heats/finals to be run in the way that we would all like then I suggest that you stay behind and help clear away afterwards instead of leaving it to the usual 6 or 7 that do it every meeting. That way, if there are loads of us, clearing up will take a fraction of the time leaving more time for racing, possibly with smaller heats.

2. Ian and I give our time for free. There is, believe it or not, no reward for us at all other than seeing the club continue. There are occassions when we get things wrong, in exactly the same way that drivers manage to crash unaided at times. Or you connect your speedo the wrong way round. Or you forget to pick up a transponder. Or you forget to tighten the spur gear. On these occassions Ian and I (other than in jest) don't complain loudly to you about your lack of skill/judgement/technical ability. In view of this I think it would be polite if drivers, who in the main have never run a club for as long as we have, were to consider, in advance, the remarks they make to us. Ensure brain is engaged before using mouth.

To those of you who helped set up or clear away or both I say a big THANK YOU.