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Steve Hamblin - a tribute.

Postby Brian Mills » Sun Mar 22, 2015 9:09 pm

Steve was the kind of person that any type of organisation sought - he was the ideal volunteer. If a volunteer is worth ten pressed men then Steve was worth them, and some more. He had that mindset , perhaps more prevalent in his generation, whereby he could just turn up and get on with it, whatever “it” turned out to be. He had that ability to see what needed to be done and just do it because he possessed that “can-do” attitude. His was a placid and even temperament, despite being our hard pressed scrutineer for so long, that I can’t recall ever altering either up or down. He was never miserable and always cheerful, something that so many have commented on.
It’s said that you never appreciate anything until its lost, but I hope that isn’t true in Steve’s case because we did very genuinely appreciate him. When Dan was studying for his degree and then his Masters, Steve still turned up although of course he didn’t need to. He had a sense of duty and commitment that extended beyond our club into his other interests and also, of course, into his work. But naturally with these kind of qualities we didn’t simply appreciate him - we respected him. He was not only a good servant of the club, he was much more than that - he was our friend.
Its no exaggeration to say that Race Control feels different now without Steve - its so difficult to grasp that he is gone and not there to share that banter that flowed on alternate Sunday mornings. The loss that the club feels in general, and that Ian and I and the committee feel in particular, is just a fraction of that that which is felt by his widow, his son Dan and his wider family. Our combined thoughts are with them at what is a very difficult time and we offer any support that we can possibly give.

Steve gave generously and selflessly of his time and expertise for which we are immensely grateful. Those of us whose lives he touched and enriched will carry that with us for a long time to come.

In line with the families wishes the club and members are making donations to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children where Steve himself was treated as a child.

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