mi4 team spec and few other bits

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mi4 team spec and few other bits

Postby timmay » Sat Nov 07, 2009 5:14 pm

this is my mi4 is in very good condition

upgrades include

tir pro spool
tir front and rear driveshafts
tir layshaft
narrow carbon wishbones front and rear
core titanium ball studs
core titanium screw set
titanium turnbuckles
narrow front hexs
modified machined motor mount (extra cooling for gm motors)
titanium hinge pins
grey belts
carbide diff balls
black pullys and spur
ceramic bearings
countersunk shock towers and link mounts
machined and countersunk diff holders
med flex castor blocks
pro painted ltcr bodyshell (done 3 runs)
shocks have tamiya trf 3 hole pistons
extra body mount on front shock tower.

have a good selection of spares to go with it.


also have 1 meeting old factory team tc5.........£145

hudy comm lathe........£40

gm black can 6.5 motor.......£45

speed passion brushless lpf speedo.....£50(with instructions and settings box)

13mm rotor for lrp and nosram motors.....£10

gm 100 brushless speedo.....£30

mtronics ip6 brushed water proof speedo.....£30

lrp speedo old version of spher faulty will not turn on(could be a easy fix) £15

nosram 10.5 motor £30

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