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Help requested

Postby Brian Mills » Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:25 pm

I've had a mail (reproduced below) from Sam who has started a club in Nottingham. You will see that he is asking for advice about running on wooden floors. Please could some of you offer some advice on this forum as we all know how difficult it is to start a club from scratch and I'm sure any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Brian
hello there am sorry to bother you but i have just started a rc car club up in nottingham and we run on wood floor and i no that your club used to race on the same type of floor from the looks of your pictures. I was just wondering what type of set up your members used to run, as in what type of tyres, what type of suspention hard or soft, what motors worked best, what type of gearing you ran, things like that. we run touring cars 10th scale, mostly cyclones. any help you could give would be great as we are having a few problems. thanks for any help.

sam at wrccc
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Re: Help requested

Postby Dan Hamblin » Sun Jun 15, 2008 9:41 pm

Schumacher Mini-Pin tyres, either 25mm wide yellows or 20mm wide blue compound. General rule of thumb with the suspension is soft to medium rate springs. Try not to use any motor more powerful than a 27t stock as you can have difficulty in controlling a fast car on polished wood.

Hope this is of help :)


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