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Postby Tim Fry » Tue Oct 14, 2014 6:19 pm


We have been thinking about stream lining the touring cars to one class and would like your input.
We understand that some other clubs and events run different motor classes and it might cause some people some issues but when we have varying degrees of ability and different classes it makes it difficult to decide how to run finals. So id like the people who run tourers to voice their opinion on which class they would like should we decide to change.

We hope this would make for better racing and keep everyone who races happy.

This is not final so it might not happen but to me it makes sense.

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Re: Touring Cars

Postby crazybrit123 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:03 am

Hi Tim,
As I mentioned at the last round I think you do need to change to just one class.
This will help (hopefully) with getting the heats and finals sorted quicker and having only the one class the quicker/slower racers in the right qualies/finals.
Which one will have to be for the racers to decide. Some clubs are now running the 13.5 Blinky, some 17.5 blinky and some 13.5 boosted it depends on where you race.
13.5 might be a good choice weather blinky or boosted, if you have the right speedo it just means a small change.
Having said that some racers are now moving to just using a non-boosted speedo so in that case 13.5 or 17.5 blinky would just mean a motor change.
Yep, it's a tough one. Put it out to the racers and see what's they would like.
Tough call though chaps, Andy.
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Re: Touring Cars

Postby crazybrit123 » Thu Oct 16, 2014 10:21 am

Having just written the above, this should of been sorted before the start of the new championship, which is this weekend.
Sorry, just Puttin it out there............
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Re: Touring Cars

Postby Brian Mills » Mon Oct 20, 2014 2:37 pm

Quite surpised that this has brought very little in the way of response. From that it would seem that there is no real preference as to how we alter the classes.
In yesterdays racing, TQ went to a Blinky driver so it can't be a case of boosted equals more speed because the results say otherwise.
I suspect we will probably adopt 13.5 blinky as our standard and phase out the others.
Yesterday was a case in point, as we had 11 blinky drivers and 6 boosted. To run all 11 in one heat may have been too much so drivers were offered the chance to race in the boosted heat which two were kind enough to agree to. Running one class would remove that problem and save considerable time.

If you would like to comment here about this issue please feel free. If there are no comments we will go with what the majority are racing and take that as our TC class.

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Re: Touring Cars

Postby dis96 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 9:55 am

My view, given that some of your meetings do clash with other touring car events which may mean touring car numbers drop a lot at those meetings, perhaps you should just gauge the view of your actual club members that are going to attend those meetings when other might not.

It is always difficult to please all the people all the time, but looking at Rug Racers and EWS, Rug Racers have a 13.5 boosted class, max entries 30, 3 out of 6 rounds full. EWS have 13.5 Blinky, max entries 80, all rounds oversubscribed by between 4 and 11 drivers.

EWS is closer by a bit, so you could argue that drivers that go to ews are more likely to come to WK when it doesn't clash, so I would go 13.5 Blinky which will also be more suited to the tracks which try to compromise layout to be good for mini, 12th and TC.

Given that you have nearly a month until the next round, i think an announcement now on the forum and facebook will not harm entries, and everyone will know what to expect at the next meeting.
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Re: Touring Cars

Postby tris179 » Tue Oct 21, 2014 12:34 pm

Tbh, with taking the comments that I heard at the weekend and those in this thread.

My thoughts are that is there much point in changing the current format from running boosted and Blinky together.

As pointed out, numbers vary greatly between meetings, from clubs that both run Blinky, boosted and whatever championship is running elsewhere. As pointed out the TQ time was set by a blinky car and the only really noticeable difference is at the very end of the straight. Infield, there is not much in it.

My thoughts are that let people run what they want, 13.5 boosted or Blinky.
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Re: Touring Cars

Postby Brian Mills » Tue Oct 21, 2014 8:21 pm

Actually, they are also our thoughts.
The only reason we are considering a change is because of complaints from drivers when they are mixed into the same heat/final.
Blinky drivers say they are punted from behind on the straight by the boosted drivers. Boosted drivers say the blinky's get in their way on the straight.
So the simple answer would be to choose a class and not let anything else run.
Not the best all round solution but one that saves agro in race control.
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Re: Touring Cars

Postby crazybrit123 » Fri Oct 24, 2014 11:44 am

My view on what the Tourers are saying.
We don't particularly like a mixed race.
In the heats/finals a 13.5 boosted is much faster than a 13.5 Blinky on parts of the track.
They don't want a faster car punting them down the straight and into the wall at the other end and braking their cars.
Not everyone has the skill to back out. I include myself in that one from time to time.
This can be seen more in the finals when all the cars go off the grid together. First corner crash.
Yes, a 13.5 Blinky car won the last weekend. That's because the better drivers are trying out their cars ready for the first round of the EWS races (not your series I know). Not all your racers will be racing in this series and you shouldn't pamper to the few, agreed. It just makes better/safer races.
It must also be noted that the track was more a 12th scale one. Of course it would be with the National just round the corner.
All I think the tourers are asking is that when the dates of other race series don't clash, can we please have a Tourers type of track. We're not asking every time, just from time to time. Its difficult for a Tourer to race on a 12th track, doable yes, but easier for 12th to race on one of our type.
So please let's see "like for like" in race classes to make it easier for you in race control and safer for us racers.
just go for one class, "PLEASE".
My vote........13.5 blinky. Sorry boosted guys.
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